Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Canada

Escape the fast pace of the city and retreat to the world-renowned Stanley Park – designated one of Canada’s national historic sites – which is within a 10-minute walk It’s no wonder why adults love the Vancouver Aquarium just as much as kids do. 
 Located within the world-famous Stanley Park, very close to the Auberge Hotel downtown Vancouver, this aquarium is home to more than 70,000 of the most bizarre and awe-inspiring creatures, including a lovable three-toed sloth.

Journey through the world of jellyfish as they illuminate the water or peer into the shark tank and marvel at one of the ocean’s most feared mammals. Watch African penguins as they waddle on the rockwork and swim in the surrounding water, or take a leap into the land of amphibians in the Frogs Forever gallery that is home to 22 species of salamanders, toads and frogs. In the tropical gallery you’ll discover a pig-nosed turtle, a surface-floating four-eyed fish, and mudskippers. There is also a bat cave exhibit for those who are curious.

Take your experience one step further by visiting the 4D theatre, which plays movies that immerse you in the action and stimulate your senses like never before. In the fall, you can even do yoga alongside the beluga whales!

If you have kids, be sure to visit the Clownfish Cove Children’s Area, where young minds discover the wonder of our oceans through a “learn by play” approach. Highlights include the Animal Rescue Centre, seaside dock with “underwater” tunnels to explore, an interactive touch table, and reading nook.

The Vancouver Aquarium is an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most captivating ocean creatures. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget..