Auberge Vancouver

Discover the Sights and Sounds of Downtown Vancouver

‘Tis the Season in Downtown Vancouver

To celebrate the season, go and see what downtown Vancouver has to offer during the holidays whether it be for shopping, strolling, visiting beautifully decorated seasonal venues or just having a twirl around an ice rink in the center of the city, there’s something for everyone.

Spring is Happening in Vancouver!

No matter where you look, it’s hard not to notice the first signs of spring: young leafy tendrils poking up from the earth, newly blossomed branches of yellow forsythia swaying gently in the breeze or full on pink frothiness of Japanese cherry blossoms decorating parks, city streets and even in the courtyards of downtown; spring has definitely sprung in Vancouver much earlier than in previous years and well in advance of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival in April. For the best views of blossoms, birds and breathtaking waterfront vistas, here’s an insider’s guide to some off the beaten track locations:

Spring Has Sprung In Vancouver

Every year, once the bite of winter eases, something truly breathtaking materializes: the blossoming of 40,000 cherry trees spread across metro Vancouver in parks, city streets and even whole neighbourhoods. With spring just around the corner, the city will be showcasing this spectacular burst of frothy, pink blossoms which signal renewal and a new beginning. Spring has truly sprung!

We’re Singin’ in the Rain in Vancouver!

Gene Kelly hoofed his dance steps in it, Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics sang about it; although it’s affectionately known as liquid sunshine, we all kvetch about it. With approximately 161 rainy days per year, Vancouverites have either gotten used to it or have developed coping strategies for dodging raindrops.