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Celebration of Spring Blossoms in Vancouver

Every year, after a cold and damp winter, Vancouver residents and visitors are rewarded with breathtaking blossoming of 40,000 ornamental cherry trees which herald the advent of spring. A profusion of pink and white flowers dot the urban landscape along boulevards, streets, parks and even the downtown area in and around The Auberge: pristinely pink cherry-blossomed trees line the walkway of Perch Park, where passers by can take a moment to sit at one of the tables or on a park bench, relax and enjoy a mini urban oasis.

At nearby Burrard Station the annual Cherry Jam Concert showcases a program filled with choral, instrumental as well as dance performances highlighting the city’s mulitcultural heritage including taiko drummers, tap dancing and performers of Asian instruments. Slightly further away but still located within the downtown area is David Lam Park, the perfect place for a spring stroll amid the blossoming trees of cherry as well as magnolia that lead directly to a spectacular water vista of False Creek. And perhaps THE definitive location where the peak bloom of a small grove ornamental cherry trees are sought out by amateur as well as professional photographers is Queen Elizabeth Park, where a riot of frothy pink blossoms captivate all who pass by. A yearly event where visitors are encouraged to participate is a huge public picnic under the canopy of cherry blossoms to celebrate a marvelous paean to spring.