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Vancouver, spring is in the air!

It’s time to enjoy longer stretches of drier weather, beautiful blossoms and pleasant strolls in one of the many gorgeous parks in and around downtown Vancouver: spring is in the air!

Some of the prettiest buds and blooms are decorating the downtown and metro Vancouver streets and neighbourhoods either peeking out from the ground or planters in neat little clusters or displaying a full throttle floral tour-de-force splashing vibrant colour on the urban landscape. Forget April in Paris; for some really scenic ooh la la, springtime in Vancouver is truly a visual breath of fresh air!

Just outside the Auberge, a postage stamp of a park filled with cherry blossoms in full bloom makes for a picturesque backdrop for a selfie. Perch Park is actually a walkway between the Coal Harbour waterfront and convention centre to the downtown business core as well as the shopping area. Walk a little further to Burrard St (at Melville St),  there you’ll encounter “cherry blossom central”: Art Phillips Park at Burrard Station; one of the main locations of Vancouver’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, now in it’s 10th year. Outside the downtown core, Yaletown and False Creek North provide a spectacular background for water taxis ferrying passengers to and fro and paddlers gliding out on the water as well as pedestrians and cyclists sharing the seawall route; it’s undeniably a perfect picture postcard shot of spring! Insider tip for the best places to capture ephemeral spring blossoms:

  1. Queen Elizabeth Park @ 33rd and Cambie:
  2. David Lam Park @ Mainland & Hamilton Streets:

And right at the end of the block from the Auberge, look north at the corner of Hastings and Howe for a drop dead gorgeous vista: a grouping of frothy pink-blossomed trees peeking out in the distance coupled with snow-capped mountains in the background! C’est magnifique!